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In June 2008, I realised my dream of holding a small healing retreat/workshop in my cave house, taking advantage of the deeply peaceful healing energy I have always felt there. The enterprise was a resounding success for all concerned, with both deep work and a lot of laughter.
This retreat has been repeated each year in the Summer and the Autumn.

Due to the amazing results for those who have been able to attend the healing retreats in the past, these will be happening again this year(2019) in May and October.

The course.

The course is designed for both beginners and more experienced healers, to be an opportunity to just be, and to explore the nature of healing in an exceptionally beautiful and peaceful place. Note books are not a prerequisite; The wisdom is to be absorbed from the atmosphere and energy around and within.

We will be doing some deep energy work, and I will be offering attunements in Reiki and using the exciting Ilahinoor energy.

May / June - October/November 2019.
The Course
The course is designed for both beginners and more experienced healers, to be an opportunity to just be, and to explore the nature of healing in an exceptionally beautiful and peaceful place. Note books are not a prerequisite; The wisdom is to be absorbed from the atmosphere and energy around and within.
Also included are introductory courses in Massage, Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy and Healing.

We will be doing some deep energy work, and I will be offering attunements in Reiki and using the exciting Ilahinoor energy.

May / June and Octpber / November 2019
All three weeks are designed for the people who are there and will include Reiki and Ilahinoor energy transmissions and other hands-on techniques, an exploration of healing through touch, intent and allowing, and sharing of experience. Plus of course plenty of sun and total relaxation!
For those who are interested in healing and who are just starting out on the path to being more spiritually aware there will be a gradual immersion into a possible new way of being, time for sunbathing, trips to the lakes for swimming and walking and local markets and cafes and just chilling out – balanced by experiencing several different forms of hands-on and hands-off healing. You will be able to take home healing techniques you can use with friends and family.

Or if you already have some experience of healing and a degree of insight into the spiritual path you are on, different forms of healing will be looked at and experienced in the special space which allows your inner wisdom to surface and be recognised. By the end of the week you will have a deeper understanding of who you truly are, and will have acquired new resources to share with others and help you on your journey.

It can also be an opportunity to explore your inner self from a very safe and secure place, allowing your inner wisdom to guide you through your individual personal process. Through deep energy work, group sharing and individual exploration you will drop deeper into that space which allows.

All three weeks will be fun, and offer you a safe space for whatever you really need.

David also offers individual one to one retreats where appropriate.

Both group and one to one retreats can transform your life.

For costs and further information contact David on 0044 7831 336 762
or email click here to email me,

Your daily schedule.

Although the schedule will be designed for the people there, a typical possible daily programe could be the following.

The mornings will begin with a leisurely breakfast, which according to individual taste will range from bacon, eggs and coffee to muesli, fruit and herbal tea. After breakfast the choice will be to visit the lake for walking, swimming or sunbathing, explore the local village or go to a market, or stay in and around the cave to meditate.

After lunch and a siesta, the (informal) formal part of the workshop will begin. Gently facilitated, the group will explore healing by touch, by intent and by allowing through a process of sharing ideas, experience and healing. There will be lots of breaks to allow time for integration; there will be no trying to learn - rather, simply an organic process of deepening inner wisdom. The sessions may continue after dinner in a chatty conversational way around one of the two wood burning stoves or outside the cave.

If Reiki attunements are given, they will be given in the cave or out in nature, by or in the lake. Reiki One, Two or Three attunements will be available.

Some very deep personal development work will occur and the whole group will benefit from the time spent together.

There will be time set aside each day for each workshop member to receive an individual treatment if they would like one (Craniosacral, Reiki, Massage, Ilahinoor, Healing).

Future dates.

May 15 - 22 2019
May 22 - 29 2019
May 29 - June 5 2019

October - November 2019 Dates to be established

Comments from some past participents

When you get to Le Teja you could be forgiven for thinking that you had arrived in never never land. Everywhere you look there are chimneys growing out of the hillside.
Maybe it’s the land of the Hobbit, especially with the door in the side of the hill.

“I will lift up mine eyes to the hills”. You can spread your arms out wide and embrace the freedom; feel the space, the expanse. There is room to breath.

In the cave David has created a space that gently and securely holds you in warmth and love so that you have the freedom to experience whatever you need – to chill out, be alone, laugh cry, just be. The peace holds you. His support encourages and enables you. The quietness and the peace allow you to just be.

There is a softness and a roundness in the cave possibly because there are very few lethal sharp edges giving off their harmful energies (R Steiner and Feng Shui).

“Remember what peace there may be in silence” – Desiderata.


The 6 days spent in Spain were a wonderful combination of friendship, conversation, new ways to look at healing, and a vacation thrown in! Giving a treatment for each person was lovely.
The food was delicious, and I think that that is part of the 'vacation' - not having to cook, wash up etc.......the exercises we did will stay with me, the way our minds can and do influence what happens to us, and how our intention, or lack of it influences those around us, and our clients.
The conversation was well shared, talking about ourselves, our lives, our dreams and goals, and it is always better having someone to steer those group talks.
It was great. Thanks.


The healing course was wonderful, although there was a time table this was very flexible. We had the opportunity to discuss personal issues that would allow us to develop and it felt safe to do so. There was time for personal space. Just because we were there as a group we didn’t have to go about in a gang. The Reiki attunements were individual. My second was most memorable as it was carried out in the lake with me submerged up to my neck in water, my choice.

The cave it’s self was unbelievable. The inside was modern and the kitchen fully equipped. There was a good sized lounge and the bedrooms spacious. The bathroom was modern with a whirlpool bath with a shower if you wanted. There was a second shower room which was very useful. The area was absolutely beautiful and the local people were very friendly to us as we were to them.

We got on very well as a group even though the only person we had all met was Dave; he had felt sure that we would. I feel that I have made two new very good friends in Joanne and Theresa, and I have got to know Dave better, and myself. There was so much I learnt about myself; things that I take for granted copeing with problems and find solutions.


The weeks retreat in the cave house was just what I needed (even though I probably didn't know that before I came!). It certainly gave me time to think and to be, and to learn more about myself and what I can offer others.

The Reiki self healing (that I have been doing every day) is fantastic. I don't think I expected to feel anything from it, but it has made a huge difference to how I have coped with the situation I am in (together with your support). When I was feeling at my most low point, I did the self-healing and it had an amazing calming effect. One really extraordinary experience was waking up in the middle of the night with so many thoughts (not really good ones either) going through my head and I couldn't get back to sleep. It came to me that I should work through the Reiki hand positions. When my hands were on my occiput, I had a physical sensation of someone grabbing the bad thoughts and pulling them from my mind and with that, they were gone. So thank you so much for adding this support to my coping ability.

What it means to stay at Daves Cave

Don't expect to rush around
Avail yourself of the silence
Value each other
Engage with how you feel
Simply be.

Connect with your surroundings
Ask, and answers will come
Value yourself
Engage with your life.

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