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About me

Sometimes life can hit you so hard it feels like you are never going to get up again.
But if you can find enough trust in yourself and the Universe to let go and move forward into the unknown, you may discover something that is worth more than everything you thought you had lost. This happened to me.

These days I feel I am one of the most fortunate people in the world. I’m doing what I love to do and I really know that I’m where I should be. However this has not always been the case.

I was born and grew up in North London, and spent much of my early life immersed in brass music, with the Salvation Army. I would have loved to become a professional musician but instead I left school at fourteen and began to work in the printing ink industry. I did well, and eventually ended up with a successful career in sales and management. I had a good salary with an expense account, a wife and family, and a nice house. Then seventeen years ago my life changed dramatically. My marriage ended and then my career went into crisis. I was homeless, penniless and in debt.

Sometimes life nudges you into a direction you would never normally have considered taking. As old doors closed and new ones opened I found myself training to be a massage therapist and entering the field of healing.

Making this change felt very scary - could I let go of who I thought I was and step into an uncertain future? I just trusted. Even when I was in the depths of despair I always knew that there was something waiting for me to do and that I would climb out of my deep hole into the light.

Over the next few years I trained in various modalities including Craniosacral Therapy, and at the request of a local GP I set up and ran a holistic therapy centre in Andover. I happily established a new identity as a professional therapist, but for some years I was unable to accept that people were calling me a healer. I had to learn to accept every part of myself, the good bits and the not so good, and love myself unconditionally.

It is this realisation that is the foundation of my work. I teach that nothing happens in the realm of healing except through unconditional love. I also came to understand that healing doesn’t come from me but through me, and that everyone has the ability to allow healing to happen.

I have never considered myself to be particularly holy, but I am a spiritual person who lives in the real world – I play my saxophone, I shop in Tesco, I love my wife, and also a good single malt...

When I let go of everything of myself I feel that I’m in another world where I experience total connection with everyone and everything. This state of oneness used to happen in meditation and when working, but it’s becoming more and more my normal everyday state. What I am speaking of is a place of perfection, healing and allowing – a place where understanding comes through feeling, not a process of logic.

I feel now that my life is very fulfilling and has a deep meaning and purpose. I have a deep contentment and calmness that I never used to have. I would never go back to my old life – I may no longer have an expense account, but I know that in every other respect I’m a millionaire.

David Boldick

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