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All therapies are totally confidential.

The cost of a treatment is for the healer’s time and the experience you will have. It is not for the healing; that is free. Most treatments are one-to-one but some can be given to groups of people.

Craniosacral Therapy

This gentle non-invasive touch/holding therapy is at the cutting edge of energy healing. A very secure and safe space is created in which the body’s own inherent healing powers can come into being.

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Trauma Release

From conception onwards traumas, both conscious and unconscious, get held in the body and continue to affect us emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Release is allowed to happen using a very gentle touch and holding technique, or a hands-off process.


Ilahinoor is a powerful new energy transmission which can be given hands on or hands off. It is embodying, empowering, healing and consciousness-expanding, and can easily be shared with others. For further information see


Reiki is a channelled healing which is intelligent enough to go where it needs to. Reiki can be given hands on or hands off from a distance - inches, miles, or the other side of the world.


Massage is a wonderful hands-on tactile therapy which involves physical movement of the body’s muscles. It can be a gentle relaxing treatment or a vigorous stimulating experience.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is the massaging of the upper back, neck, shoulders, scalp, face and some of the power points in the face. It can be relaxing or invigorating according to your needs.


Aromatherapy essential oils can have both a physical and a psychological effect; i.e. they can help the body to get well and enhance a feeling of wellbeing.

Thermal Auricular Therapy

This treatment is also known as Hopi Ear Candle treatment. It is a very gentle way to clear out unwanted wax from the ears. It gives a beautiful warm relaxing feeling whilst the treatment is in progress.

Food Intolerance Testing

Using a form of muscle testing, this therapy is a very quick, straightforward and obvious intolerance test.

Working with, and helping spirits to go where they need to be

I also work with spirits/souls from the past, helping them to pass over to where they need to be. Sometimes these souls are inside people and can cause a lot of suffering and uncertainty. I sometimes clear buildings, that is, I help souls to move out of buildings and to go where they should be.

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