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These are normally given in Devon in the U.K. but can be given anywhere if required. To take part in any of the following workshops, being disabled in any way will not preclude you. Having a sight or hearing impairment or a physical disability, you will still be able to take part in all the workshops, including massage.

Allow the healer in you to shine
Duration – 2 days

We all have an innate ability to allow healing. Whether or not we recognise the fact, is another matter. It does not have to take weeks or months to allow that ability to come through and be used. The seminar is open to those who are new to healing and those who are more experienced in healing. For beginners it will give an insight on how to allow the healing ability we all have, to work through us. For the more experienced, it will offer an opportunity to deepen their awareness of the healing process of allowing.

In this workshop I will, very simply, help and encourage you to find the space to allow that to happen.

The process I use includes meditation, healing and self-healing. You will practice both hands-on and distance healing and explore the use of intent.

The seminar will be designed around the people who are there so that nobody will be asked to do anything they feel uncomfortable about doing, but everybody will have the opportunity to experience allowing healing to happen to others through them, and to receive healing for themselves.

Ilahinoor with David Boldick and Sarah Godwin
Duration – 1 or 2 days or introductory evenings

At a day or weekend workshop you will learn how to give Ilahinoor to others as well as experience it for yourself. This is an in depth workshop for anyone who is interested in having a real connection with the one consciousness of humanity and the universe.

The introductory evenings include a short talk, an Ilahinoor transmission and time for questions.

Duration – 3X2 days

These workshops will cover the history of massage, how to massage the whole body safely and what contra indications there are to massage. The course is designed for those who want to learn how to massage properly and safely without signing up for a one year’s professional tuition course with a qualification to work at the end.

This course is for couples primarily but unattached people are welcome as long as there are an even number of people on the course.

At the end of the course you will know how to massage friends and family safely and enjoy it.
There is no age restriction.

Duration – 1 day

This is a one day introduction to aromatherapy and the use of essential oils. It will cover the different manufacturing techniques and applications and uses of the oils.

Duration – 1 day each level

There are three traditional Reiki levels, Reiki One, Two, Three and a teaching instruction day. All levels can be attained from a one day course for each level. When you have received level one you will be able to feel the Reiki energy flowing through you but will not be able to fully give Reiki to others. Reiki One is for you. It is a receiving day not a learning day. After receiving level two you will be able to give Reiki to others. There is more learning involved in receiving Reiki Two attunements. Reiki Three (Masters) level is given after you have considerable experience. This attunement will deepen your understanding and expand your awareness of what healing is and how you allow it to happen. The fourth day is given over to instructions on how to teach Reiki and pass on the attunements.

Cost: Reiki One attunements 150. Reiki Two 200.
Reiki Three 400. Reiki Master’s teaching day 200.
These costs are for one-to-one days; for group teaching sessions contact David.


Since 2008 I have been leading small group retreats at my cave house in rural Andalucia, Spain. The house, which combines eccentric rustic charm with modern comforts, is an ideal venue due to the deeply peaceful healing energy which is experienced by everyone who stays there. The retreats, which are tailor–made to suit the individual participants, involve a relaxed combination of healing, learning and simple enjoyment. Several participants have found them life-changing, and keep coming back for more.

To find out more see Healing and therapy in our Spanish Cave House, Andalucia, Spain

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