Testimonials  #01


Frances (Hampshire), 45 years. Whiplash from car accident. - after having gone through the conventional medical route.

Dear David, Thank you for all your time and care. Any scepticism I had about going along the complementary / alternative route has been replaced by a great degree of respect for your professionalism. And your ability to read me as a whole person, rather than just a woman with a very sore neck, has not only helped me get over the accident and injury. It has given me a much greater sense of wellbeing and self worth. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to any of my friends.

Ravena (Hampshire). With regards to her 72 years old father who was in a nursing home. He was suffering from many physical ailments and dementia and was very agitated and violent on occasions.

Dear David. Thank you so much for being as you are, and for showing such care in your work. I shall always be grateful to you for the loving kindness you showed him, he enjoyed the time you gave him and I know your ministrations were effective in many, many ways.

Sally (Wiltshire), 37 years. After a long time of dealing with traumatic domestic and professional crises back, neck shoulders and left arm very painful, very limited mobility, no movement of left arm.

Dear David, Thanks to you sensitivity, care and determination, I am now pain free and mobile and have been able to rebuild my personal and profession life. I can’t thank you enough.

Maureen (Hampshire), 54 years. House bound for many years due to phobia of going outside and being with people.

Dear David. After not being able to go out of my house for many years, I am now not only able to go out to the shops but I now drive twenty miles to work, in an office with other people. You have given me a life outside my enclosed cage. Thank you so much.

Clare (Devon), 22 years. Relationship difficulties with live in partner and depression.

Dear David. After seeing you for three sessions, my life has changed. I am now much more positive and happy. I am now able to go to work and enjoy what I do and am not put off when things go wrong. My relationship with my partner has also improved beyond my wildest dreams.

Sue (Devon), mid 50’s

Having suffered with severe pains in my arm and shoulder for more than a year with no beneficial outcomes from my GP, I received healing treatments from David. Close to tears and in agonising pain on my first visit, David’s welcoming and relaxed manner at once put me at ease. His gentle yet powerful treatment allowed me to walk away almost pain free. I sang, smiled, and was able to look at the sea and the sky with new vitality.!!! A few days later the pain returned, but after the next few treatments the time I was pain free lengthened until eventually it did not return. AMAZING! Not only did the treatment cure my pain, it allowed me to feel a wonderful sense of wellbeing throughout mind and body. I am not the worrier, the “multi-tasker of 100 things”, the “have to do everything there and then” person I was before.
Recently I have enjoyed attending short healing courses run by David. These are magical days when I feel energised yet relaxed, I feel honoured to have learnt so much about the wonderful gift of healing that we all possess, allowing this to happen is all we need !!! I have been able to help my family and friends. I know that is just the beginning so I am looking forward to what lies ahead. Thank you so much David and thank you too, to my lovely friend Jane who introduced me to you.

Jane.S (Devon), early 40’s

I have recently started on a healing course with David, exploring what healing can mean to the whole person, mind, body and soul. It has given me a new perspective on how I and others can allow the flow of healing energy, to slow down the often stressful thought processes of living and somehow give a real sense of awareness and re connection to what, and who surrounds us. In my experience, it has to be compared to meditation, as there also is a deep relaxation of the mind. David refers to allowing healing energy to work or travel through the body, which is in and around us all the time. It has to be experienced to understand the powerful and positive implications this has to our own health and those we share our lives with.

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