Anya (30 years) had suffered from migraine from a child. When she had a migraine attack it lasted two or three days. When this happened she took very strong pain killers and could do nothing. I happened to be around when a migraine attack began. I treated her for fifteen minutes, after which she felt very dizzy for ten minutes. After that the head pain was no longer there and the other symptoms disappeared.

James (7 years) was having difficulty at school and lived in his own little world. It was discovered that he was having difficulty hearing. After the conventional options proved useless his mother brought him to see me. After six sessions his hearing was recorded as normal and his behaviour improved dramatically. He is now a professional musician playing the trombone, the hardest brass instrument to play in tune, where an extremely good ear is needed.

Doreen (65 years) had been suffering from sciatica in her right leg and lower back for several years. She had been through the conventional medical system which had given no improvement in her condition and was surviving on pain killing drugs. A friend recommended that she came to see me. After working with her three times the pain was gone, she was walking normally and beginning to enjoy life again.

Sue (55 years) had been suffering from very impaired hearing in both ears for most of her life, and was wearing hearing aids in both ears. After being examined many times and tested and put through scans and other investigations, she was told that there was nothing wrong. No abnormalities could be found. She came to see me as a last resort. When I treated her I did so without the hearing aids in place. After the second session we were talking and holding a normal conversation, and it wasn’t until she had got outside that she realised she was not wearing her hearing aids, and yet had heard everything I had been saying.

Lacey (3 weeks) was suffering from colic, not sleeping, and crying a lot more than is normal. When I first saw her at three weeks old, she was an unhappy baby who spent most of the time with her legs pulled into her tummy crying. After one fifteen minute session she straightened out and no longer spent most of the time with her legs pulled into her tummy, she lay flat with her legs straight most of the time. After her second session she was crying a lot less and looked more like a happy baby. Her mother was finally able to get some sleep.

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