Q What happens during a healing session?
A All sessions begin with an informal chat. We decide which kind of treatment will be most suitable and I answer any questions you may have. Following the treatment there is time for you to rest a little, and any further questions.

Q How long does a session last?
A A session usually lasts for up to one hour for an adult and between ten and thirty minutes for a child.

Q Are your therapies suitable for very young children?
A All of my healings are suitable for all ages and conditions, from newborn babies (literally) to the very old and infirm adult.

Q Do you manipulate the body?
A No, none of my healings (except massage) use manipulation.

Q Do I have to remove my clothes?
A Only if massage is used. Then only the parts of the body being worked with will be uncovered.

Q Do I have to lie flat on the treatment couch?
A It is usual to lie on a treatment couch for most healings, but it is not totally necessary if you would find it difficult. Ilahinoor is usually given sitting in a chair.

Q How much does it cost?
A The cost for most treatments is 55 per session for an adult and 30 for a child. Concessions are usually available if necessary.

Q What will I feel during the session?
A Depending on the healing you will feel different sensations. Among the things you may feel are sensations of tingling, heat, cold. You may feel that parts of your body are moving or see colours. The most common feeling is one of deep relaxation and relief. With massage you will feel the hands working on your body.

Q Will I need more than one session?
A That depends on the type of treatment and your individual response. Most people experience a significant improvement after only one session, but may choose to carry on with further sessions for a fuller recovery.

Q Do you accept credit cards?
A Yes I accept Visa but there is an additional 5 charge for the use of credit cards.

Q Will I be safe to drive home straight after a session?
A Because the healing can take you into a deep relaxed state, it is advisable to allow a little time after the session to return to normal consciousness before driving.


Q What is the cost?
A It depends on the type of workshop, duration, and location. The average cost per person for a one day group workshop in Devon is 45.

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